ISTE Artifact 10

Artifact 10: Facilitator Standard

Criteria 21: Create opportunities for students to use a design process and/or computational thinking

2.6.c | Create learning opportunities that challenge students to use a design process and computational thinking to innovate and solve problems.

Artifact 10 Contextualization:

This artifact showcases how my college undergraduate juniors and seniors implemented computational design thinking for creating a personal budget following graduation. Most of the learners expressed financial responsibility was a problem for them, because they lacked experience at managing an income, paying bills, saving money, and differentiating between financial obligations (bills, loans, rent, etc…) versus luxury items such as going out with friends or buying takeout. I created a webquest using Google Slides and a Google Form. The webquest broke the concept of budgeting into ten different categories and the learners had to make purchasing decisions based on preferences and/or income with the goal of having money remaining at the end of the activity. The webquest results were exported to a Google Sheet which the class analyzed for pattern finding. The group then summarized the results and completed a plan for their own budget following graduation.